About Us

Rotary Frankston Sunrise is part of a global network of more than 35,000 Rotary Clubs in more than 220 countries and geographical areas around the world.  There are more than 1.2 million members globally committed to making a difference and who believe passionately in the value of community service.

We are a place where life-long friendships are forged, many laughs are had, as we get to work together on a wide and varied range of projects that help our local community, those in need around the country and throughout parts of the world less fortunate than ourselves

The best way to understand us is to visit one of our weekly breakfast meetings, or better still, join us on a project - there really is no better way to get to know people than working alongside them on a community project.

When do we meet?

Our weekly breakfast meetings are held Wednesdays at:

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery,
390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin
6.45 for 7am start, ending 8.30am sharp

If you would like to visit, just send us a message to let us know you are coming - just in case we have a special activity that week that takes us somewhere else.

Another great way of finding out about us is come along to one of our hands-on projects - contact us and we can let you know what's coming up.

Some Club History

The Rotary Club of Frankston Sunrise was Chartered by Rotary International in December of 1990.

It is part of Rotary District 9820 which covers the SE region of Melbourne, south through the Mornington Peninsula and east through the Gippsland region.

Since 1990, Rotary Frankston Sunrise has served many local and overseas communities.  A selection of projects over the history of the Club include:
- building a house donated to Peter Mac
- refurbishing a house for the Schizophrenia Foundation
- tree and shrub planting in Beauty Park
- creation of mobility gardens at two rehabilitation hospitals
- fitting of planks to the Frankston Foreshore Boardwalk
- construction of three separate beach boxes on Frankston Beach, sold for a profit of $300k for local community projects
- construction of school classrooms in Vanuatu
- support and donations of goods and services to countries including Nauru, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Ghana & Timor Leste

Our fundraising initiatives continue to support a diverse range of important local and international charities and projects.

Club Presidents

Charter President 1990-91:
    - David (Bluey) Bellette (dec.)

1991-92    Ken Woodger (dec.)
1992-93    Paul McCallum (dec.)
1993-94    John Albery*
1994-95    Bob Smith*
1995-96    Noel Bowman (dec.)
1996-97    Laurie Warfe
1997-98    Peter Stacey*
1998-99    Peter Richards*
1999-00    Ian Stapleton*
2000-01    Ross Augustine*
2001-02    Bill Blythe
2002-03    Greg Sugars
2003-04    Brian Coughlan
2004-05    Bruce McGregor
2005-06    Gavin Saunders
2006-07    Chris Angerer
2007-08    Jason Coppard
2008-09    Bob Barr
2009-10    Peter Hose
2010-11    Brian Mallady
2011-12    Shane Thomas*
2012-13    Ross Luxford
2013-14    John Albery*
2014-15    Hank Brakele
2015-16    Eren Erdogan
2016-17    David Morgan
2017-18    Mark Rees
2018-19    Cliff Leckning
2019-20    Peter Cracknell
2020-21    Shane Thomas*
2021-22    Jason Coppard
2022-23    Peter Cracknell
2023-24    Peter Richards

* denotes Charter Members still in the Club

Paul Harris Fellowship

A Paul Harris Fellowship, named in honour of the founder of Rotary is awarded by the Club to those, who by their efforts have demonstrated commitment to the Rotary ideal of "Service Above Self".

Paul Harris Fellows
    - David Belette (dec.)
    - Shane Thomas
    - Laurie Warfe*
    - Bill Blythe*
    - John Albery
    - Peter Richards
    - Ross Augustine*
    - Peter Stacey
    - David McKenzie*
    - Mark Rees*
    - Paul Arthur (dec.)
    - Bruce McGregor
    - Brian Coughlan
    - Chris Angerer
    - Greg Sugars
    - Noel Bowman (dec.)
    - Ian Stapleton
    - Bob Smith
    - Roger Quinn
    - David Platten
    - Jason Coppard
    - Ross Luxford
    - Brendan Kincade
    - Peter Womersley
    - Peter Cracknell
    - Greg Sharman
    - Robert Maitz
    - Shane Thomas
* denotes Sapphire award

Community PHF's
    - Dame Elisabeth Murdoch (dec.)
    - Mark Sheil (dec.)
    - Fred Harrison